Ba133 Geiger Counter/Gamma Ray Spectrometry

Ba133 spectrum

Ba133 spectrum has its peaks at 276, 302, 356, and 383keV.

Ba133 spectrum
Idaho National Laboratory

Ba133 spectrum with iMetry

Linear Logarithmic
Ba133_liner.png Ba133_log.png

iMetry's basic spectrometry feature has lower resolution compared to professional equipments, spectrum peaks (In case of Ba133, 276, 302, 356, and 383keV) are combined and appear as one wide peak. Summit of the wide peak should come around 356keV, the highest peak, but in case of iMetry, with its low resolution, the peak tends to appear lower than 356keV.
As Ba133 has spectrum peaks around I131's 364keV, and relatively long half life of 10.51 years, it is often used for alternative radiation source for spectrometer calibration around I131's 364keV, along with Cs137.
If you want to add a calibration point, better start with widely available Low sodium salt(K40).

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