Banana Geiger Counter/Spectrometry


Banana is know as Potassium (Kalium/K) rich food.

Dose measurement in non-radiation shielding environment with iMetry

In an environment with 0.05722μSv/h background, iMetry showed 0.06103μSv/h when placed in a bunch of bananas (1480g) as shown in the picture.
Background dose prior to banana measurement Dose of banana measurement
Banana-BG.PNG Banana-radiation.PNG
So, dose derived from bananas is 0.06103 - 0.05722 = 0.00381μSv/h.
Such very small difference of radiation dose might be buried in fluctuation of values in normal radiation detectors, but due to iMetry's stability, it was detected. We have never heard of other devices capable of this in affordable price range.

Spectrum in non-radiation shielding environment with iMetry

Though bananas are relatively rich of potassium (K), amount of potassium is very small compared to bananas in whole and dose rate being as low as 0.00381μSv/h, it takes long to obtain clear spectrum.
This time, 4 hours of measurement gave spectrum similar to Low sodium salt(K40). A peak is observed around 1400keV.



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