Co60 Geiger Counter/Gamma Ray Spectrometry

Co60 spectrum

Co60 has its characteristic peaks at 1173 and 1332keV.

Co60 spectrum with iMetry

Linear(1173keV equiv.) Logarithmic(1173keV equiv.)
Co60_liner_1173.png Co60_log_1173.png
Linear(1332keV equiv.) Logarithmic(1332keV equiv.)
Co60_liner_1332.png Co60_log_1332.png

Being a basic spectrometer, iMetry's resolution is lower compared to professional equipments, so spectrum peaks (1173 and 1332keV in Co60)tend to appear wider, still two characteristic peaks can be observed in the right side of the graph. You may see differences when compared with Cs137 or Ba133 spectra.

In addition, iMetry showed peaks at 1129keV and 1300keV here, while literature based Co60 peaks are 1173keV and 1332keV. Being a basic spectrometer, iMetry tries linear interpolation of detected energy amount and keV for rough indication, each gaps may come from individual characteristic of the scintillator, used in iMetry's radiation detector.

So when reviewing obtained spectrum, use iMetry's keV values only as rough indicator, try catching overall characteristic of the spectrum.

Adding a new energy calibration point with Co60

Co60 is a radiation source relatively hard to obtain, but you had better add an energy calibration point if you have chance.

These calibration points above look a bit curved. This is individual characteristic of the scintillator, but linear interpolation won't make much difference in basic detection of Cs137 or K40 (basic spectrometry).

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