Correct way to use the Geiger counter

There is no need to average on a notebook in the case of iMetry.
Just set the moving average time of 60 mins and once the value stabilizes, you may end measurement. With an ordinary Geiger counter, you may need to average on a notebook.
You have to stand still holding your meter at the height of the waist.
You also have to shield your meter with aluminium thicker than 2.5mm to avoid the effect of beta rays, especially when you are to measure radiation derived from Cs134 and Cs137. That is, energy of beta rays from Cs137 needs 2.5mm or thicker aluminium to shield. Furthermore, in environment with Sr90, as Sr90 emits beta rays with max 545.908±1.406 keV decay energy, thicker than 5.2mm aluminium shield is required to measure gamma rays. This also applies when you use more expensive radiation measuring equipments.

Also, if you especially plan to measure in shrines, temples, on stone pavement in front of a station or on a stone statue of a dog, you need to place Geiger counter (including iMetry) on an aluminium plate to shiled beta rays (^-^);;;;。Geiger Counter/Spectrometry of pavement stone

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