Geiger counter

iMetry is a precision Geiger counter, as well as a simple spectrometry.
As a current software matter, it does not support the energy correction.
As it does not support energy correction at this time, simple correction is applied by displaying 30% smaller value from the theoretical value to avoid the background become abnormally large.

Energy correction is not an issue in Geiger counters of other makers, because their performances are too poor, current dose itself is not well known.

  • While ordinary dosimeters show swinging values, iMetry is 10-100 times more sensitive compared to ordinary Geiger counters in same price range, and its moving average window can be configured longer (Max 1 hour moving average), Radiation dose converges easily fixed value when measured for a long time.
  • Radiation dose measurement comparison between iMetry and AirCounter EX.
    in just 15 seconds, AirCounter EX shows swinging values, 0.05→0.04→0.03→0.04μSv/h.
    While iMetry shows stable value, between 0.0540~0.0541μSv/h.

In 10 minutes (Max 1 hour moving average), iMetry shows stable radiation dose like monitoring posts. When shielded with 50mm lead blocks etc., it can measure as low as 0.001μSv/h.

It should be noted, the Geiger counter is originally what make use of GM tube (Geiger-Muller tube).
Device making use of scintillator, showing only count of radiation is called scintillation counter, device capable of observing energy amount of radiation and identifying nuclide(Nuclide analysis)is called spectrometer.(According to List of types of radiation meters (in Japanese)
So, iMetry is a scintillation counter and a spectrometer at the same time.

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