Performance limitation of Spectrometry iMetry

Performance limitation

Limit range 0.001μSv/h~10μSv/h
Relative Minimum detectable Activity (RMDA) beyond 0.00025μSv/h (@25℃、50mm lead shielding + 1mm copper plate, 1hour, 3σ) *1
Cs134/137 spectrum peak detection limit around 10 Bq (@100g, 25℃, 50mm lead shielding, 1hour) *1

  • *1 Not the manufacturer guaranteed specification, this performance limit is intended to describe the performance obtained in 50mm lead + 1mm copper shielding. The actual value, in 50mm lead shielding, radioactive materials about 100g of 100Bq/kg can easily show the spectrum in an hour or so. Also, please note manufacturer does not support the measurement of Becquerel in food.

  • *2 Reference 1,2

  1. Radiation Safety Program Technical Bulletin Determining Lower Limit of Detection (LLD) and Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA) for Radiation Measurements
  2. Rick Schoenig MDA vs LLD

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