Performance of Spectrometry radiation meters

Performance of radiation meters

The performance of radiation measuring instrument is dependent on the number of detected pulses per unit time. The radiation pulse to be detected by the detector, according to the Poisson distribution, for some cpm value, standard deviation of the values ​​follow the cpm ^ 1/2.
Therefore in the sensor with higher sensitivity (cpm / μSv / h is large), and longer moving average time result in smaller standard deviation, the shake also will be reduced.
In addition, under high-dose, where cpm is larger, cpm^1/2/cpm becomes smaller, the shake also will be reduced.

Convergence is also faster in iMetry.

In addition, the spectrometry resolution (FWHM) will be better, if the effective area of the light-receiving portion of the semiconductor sensor becomes larger compared to the scintillator size, or the detection efficiency becomes better.

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