Potassium carbonate Geiger counter/Spectrometry

Potassium Carbonate, Anhydrous 500g

Weighted 513.5g, when measured in a ziplock (12.5g) for correct valuation.
So its NET weight was 501g.

Dose measurement in non-radiation shielding environment with iMetry

In an environment with 0.0589μSv/h background, iMetry showed 0.07747μSv/h when placed under the bottle.
Background dose Dose with potassium carbonate
炭酸カリウムBG.PNG 炭酸カリウム線量.PNG
So, dose derived from potassium carbonate is 0.07747 - 0.0589 = 0.01857μSv/h.
Note that this dose also contains beta signal from K40. To measure without beta, thick Aluminum plate should be inserted between bottle and iMetry.
Such very small difference of radiation dose might be buried in fluctuation of values in normal radiation detectors, but due to iMetry's stability, it was detected. We have never heard of other devices capable of this in affordable price range.

Spectrum in non-radiation shielding environment with iMetry

An hours of measurement gave spectrum similar to Low fat salt(K40). A peak is observed around 1400keV.



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