Power source

Power source

  • Description about power supply(Official page)
  • AC-USB power adapter, comes with iPhone, iPad, or android handset can be used.
    • However, using an adapter with 2 or more USB ports and connecting iPad and iMetry to the same adapter, may cause noise due to insufficient power supply. Also, noise may intrude from GND. You can visually check whether the signal is contaminated by noise or not with built in simple oscilloscope function at Sensor Profile>Pulse Detection Parameter menu.
  • Micro B USB cable is required to power iMetry main unit from USB power supply adapters.
  • You can use mobile chargers available at electronics mass retailers or convenience stores. (Watch out for low batteries)
    • However, not all of them are good for iMetry. Some chargers do not work due to charger's protection circuit(a charger with 3 AA batteries found in a convenience store) or as it stops power supply due to iMetry's low power consumption(Panasonic BG-BL01).

How to check Power Adapter compatible to iMetry

  • First, connect Apple genuine iphone/iPad AC adapter, and measure background level.
  • In the next, open iMetry setting screen, of pulse detect parameter, start measurement, check pulse, and look and check detected pulse and noise.
  • Next, as the same environment, change to your designated adapter to check background level, and pulse , and noise level.
  • If, both looks nothing significantly different, you can use it.

Confirmed iMetry compatible USB power adapter

  • Apple genuine iPhone AC adapter
  • Tama electronics (ING brand) AC-USB Power adapter
  • Tama electronics (ING brand) AA battery×2 USB mobile charger
  • Tama electronics (ING brand) AA battery×4 USB mobile charger

Confirmed iMetry NON-compatible USB power adapter

  • Tama electronics (ING brand) AA battery×3 USB mobile charger (When plugged, protection circuit triggered by inrush current may stop power supply. When it happens, try removing and putting a battery back in, or plugging micro B terminal a few times.) Though inconvenient, not entirely unusable.
  • Panasonic BG-BL01(When iMetry is plugged, stops working in a minute or around.)

Careless mistake

  • iPad App says "No sensor is connected".
    • Please check special audio cable for iMetry and iPad connection. Plug with 4 contacts must be connected to iPad, 2 contacts plug to iMetry main unit.
    • Make sure cables are plugged firmly. Especially on iPad side, cables may not be fully plugged due to cases or covers.
    • Restarting the App may be needed in rare occasions.
  • iPad App started measuring, but stays 0cpm, 0μSv/h.
    • Make sure iMetry main unit is powered. (Green LED is turned on)
    • Mobile charger's protection circuit may prevent iMetry from working, so try removing and putting a battery.
    • Replace batteries of the mobile charger.
  • During measurement, radiation dose shows unnaturally sharp rise.
    • This may happen when power supply to iMetry is suddenly stopped. In case of mobile chargers, change batteries or use AC-USB power adapter instead.
    • Loose plugging between iMetry main unit and iPad may also cause this matter. Please plug audio cable firmly again.

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