Radium ceramic Geiger Counter/Spectrometry

Radium ceramic (coin shaped)

Radium ceramics can be purchased at mineral shops and alike.

Dose measurement with iMetry

In an environment with 0.05μSv/h background, iMetry showed 0.18468μSv/h when placed as shown in the picture.

Spectrum with iMetry

Some peaks are observed, see from high-energy side comparing with reference spectrum below, obtained with Kromek GR-1.
Please be noted that iMetry might be a bit out of calibration in general.
  • 2594keV seems to be out of range
  • There may be 1586 and 1457keV peaks on slight right from the center, but not clearly recognizable. Longer measurement may be required.
  • Raise on slight left from the center seems to be 960keV. possibly recognized separately from 908keV.
  • A bit broad area in the valley on left from the peak above might be 728keV.
  • The most recognizable peak on the left might be combined peak of 509keV and 583keV.
  • During the rise to the left from the peak above, there is a inflection point. This might be 337keV.
  • The small peak on the very left might be 239keV.

(Reference) Spectrum obtained with Kromek GR-1


(Reference) Th232 spectrum peaks(Idaho National Laboratory


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