Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Spectrometry

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes are used for welding, widely available.

Dose measurement with iMetry

In an environment with 0.05μSv/h background, iMetry showed 0.13224μSv/h when placed as shown in the picture.

Spectrum with iMetry

When compared with the reference spectrum peaks of Thorium series, the spectrum with iMetry might
be a bit out of calibration in general, but still
  • 583keV seems to be detected
  • The peak on the right of 583keV might be combined peak of 911, 964, and 968Kev.
  • Slight raise on the right can be seen, this may be 1588 and 1630keV, longer measurement may give clearer spectrum.
  • On top of the raise on the very left of the graph, there seems to be some dent. This might be the gap between 238keV and 334keV.

(Reference) Th232 spectrum peaks(Idaho National Laboratory


(Reference) Spectrum obtained with Kromek GR-1


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