Uranium Glass Geiger Counter/Spectrometry

Uranium glass

An uranium glass marble (1.3cm in diameter), becomes fluorescent with black light(Ultraviolet light).

Dose measurement in non-radiation shielding environment with iMetry

In an environment with 0.0591μSv/h background, iMetry showed 0.0625μSv/h when the marble is placed on iMetry as shown in the picture.
Background dose Dose with uranium glass marble
Uranium-glass-BG.PNG Uranium-glass-radiation.PNG
So, dose derived from the uranium glass marble is 0.0625 - 0.0591 = 0.0034μSv/h.
Such very small difference of radiation dose might be buried in fluctuation of values in normal radiation detectors, but due to iMetry's stability, it was detected. We have never heard of other devices capable of this in affordable price range.

Spectrometry of Uranium ball in non-radiation shielding environment using iMetry

After 2 and half hours of measurement, no recognizable peak was observed. This may be because uranium glass does hardly emit gamma rays, emissioned radiation would be mainly alpha and beta rays. (Reference) Regulations regarding uranium glass (in Japanese)
In the spectrum, counts in 905keV are higher, but that's not a peak of spectrum. With iMetry's resolution, peaks appear wider as seen in Potassium carbonate. This higher counts in 905keV are detected only by accident, may be averaged and show ordinary value if measured longer.


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