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iMetry system is, low cost, but extreme sensitive pocketsized Photon Counter(MPPC) based moblie gamma ray spectrometry, and hyper sensitive scintillation geiger counter radiation detection system specialized for I131/Cs134/Cs137 survey, using all generations of iPads. Its extra ordinal sensitivity, powered by Photon Counter, ease of use, will fully satisfy all needs of instant radiation measurement, and is must have item to survive this age. The most important thing is, iMetry is affordable and portable and ease of use. You can have in your bag, or you can have your own in your bookshelf, and you can prepare. At the the moment needed, you can check spectrum instantly by your self, to decide yourself whether if you need action or not. So, at the moment, the only item that you can rely on would be iMetry. More important thing is, iMetry will also helps you to decide when you can be back. Let's prepare for the future now. To make it work together, iMetry system requires iMetry: the detector module, iPad, its special dedicated application: iMetry, and external micro-B USB power supply.

Official/Unofficial pages and links

iMetry retail price $512 → $298 Requires separately available $10 software for full features.

iMetry spectrometry/Geiger counter main unit

  • Refer to official page for details.
  • When used in combination with an iPad application, iMetry can take radiation dose measurement and basic radiation spectrometry.
  • iMetry is powered through USB.(USB power supply must be prepared separately)
  • When iMetry detects radiation, red LED blinks at according brightness. If you get used to iMetry, you may be able to guess nuclear species with the way of LED blinking, aside from practicality ;-)
  • While usual radiation meters may show unstable values, iMetry, being 10~100 times more sensitive than radiation meters of the same class, and with much longer moving average window (MAX 1 hour), easily converge to stable value by measurement time.

iMetry App

  • Official iPad Apps
    • iMetry Lite(FREE)and iMetry(¥850) are available.
    • iMetryLiteIcon.jpg iMetryIcon.jpg
    • FREE version has measurement time limitation(15 minutes)
    • Paid version has spectrum data saving and CSV data export features.
    • iMetry App is not necessarily iMetry main unit exclusive, but officially supports RadAngel, may (with luck) work with other radiation meters or spectrometers with audio output.

Spectrometry application unofficial compatibility reports


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