iMetry Geiger counter/spectrometry TEMP drift

  • iMetry is equipped with a temperature compensation circuit. To confirm iMetry whether to follow the temperature change, I tried to measure temperature drift of the iMetry (temperature error correction).
  • Prior to measurement, we wait long enough for the temperature change to settle. (Correction circuit is not completely attached to the sensor, so you will need to wait for the temperature change to settle before you start measurement.)

  • As a result, iMetry has a slight temperature drift, But for relative measurement, it is possible to compare and measure the radiation of a small digit by keeping the constant room temperature and make repeated measurements.

  • In the background dose 0.0527μSv / h, we have confirmed drift under changing temperatures in a constant temperature bath.
  • Because we measured it over time, in the variation observed, changes in the background dose might also be included.
  • Upon radiation measurement using iMetry, constant temperature environment of 25 ℃ is recommended, but if you make a measurement with iMetry at other temperatures, though iMetry itself has temperature compensation, you must power on and maintain a constant temperature, and wait for the internal temperature of iMetry to stabilize before starting the measurement. Unless you start measurement after waiting a balance of temperature between the temperature sensor and the radiation detector, results tend to be affected.

Temp (℃) Dose(10min Averaged μSv/h)
45 0.0523
45 0.0523
40 0.0525
35 0.0517
30 0.0530
25 0.0527
20 0.0530
15 0.0525
10 0.0526
5 0.0547
0.0 0.0549
-5 0.0518

  • *1 After this test, the peak of Cs137 which was originally about 7900, has drifted to 6500. Because it showed the same dose during this experiment, drift would have been corrected, but that the calibration has been possibly missed out by stress, so temperature stress below 5 ℃ or above 30 ℃ Should be avoided. You might need to re-calibrate after temperature stress.

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